Numenera and You

Thak joins the party, Hamae is blown apart.

The group awakes, chattering and trying to figure out where to head next. They come upon an interesting person, a scarred man, trimmed beard with hair in a ponytail. Black eye, black skin. He suggests we follow the river toward the Grey Castle and then the amber monolith. Thak and Frav (an NPC) join the group.

The group travels, talking about themselves, they hear a low rumbling noise that gets louder as they approach the top of a particular hill. A (at least 20 foot) worm monster bursts from the ground, biting down on Ripley, dealing massive damage. She counter attacks with a dagger, hitting it in the eye and dealing critical damage. Thak runs toward the battle, Corbyk looses an arrow, and Ripley is spat out. Hamae, in a valiant show of effort throws her explosive Cypher down the monsters gullet and blows both her and the creature, to smithereens. The group takes a few moments to recover and heal.

The group decides to head toward the forest in the distance. The group also comments on murdering Frav, taking his money, and splitting it. For some reason Thak and Frave stick around.



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