Numenera and You

Murder... senseless murder.

The group continues to explore the cave system, searching for anything in the area. Wemder is carrying Ripley around with her.

Searching the room, Wemder gets another room open. Bashek and Corbyk try to treat Ripley’s wounds, not much works. Wemder decides to head out, grabbing the camouflage screen and walking toward the exit. Corbyk hefts Ripley over his shoulder and heads after Wemder. Hamae follows the other two.

The door opens to a group of the visitants from the camp. Wemder tries to convince the visitants and they are having none of it. Wemder is attacked, Corbyk comes out and annihilates the attacker and one of the other attackers puts up a shield. Corbyk dodges attacks, leaving Wemder to defend herself. Hamae starts running for the other two. Wemder and Corbyk take down enough of the enemy camp to get everyone else to run off. Wemder begins searching and Ripley is lying on the ground with spikes surrounding her. The group begins searching the area. The group decides to head back toward Steek.

Mid-trip Ripley wakes up from her unconsciousness. The party makes it back to Steek and goes to talk to the aeon priest, requesting the letter of recommendation and turning in the piece he needed for his device and rewarding the rest of the party.

The group heads off for Bodrov. Ending the night at that point.

MPS – I thought that you all headed off towards the Grey Castle? And about 2 days travel you were just approaching a village?



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