Numenera and You

Thak is, and will always be a traitorous bastard...

  • Caught up Bryan on what has happened since he’s been here.
    What will he do?
  • Bashek: (slapping Ripley) C’mon, wake up, you’ve got goals in life!
  • Shadow Reverend needs 5 people to bring the shadow reverend back.
    Ripley called Bashek unreasonable.
  • Hamae and Talus – Having gotten dislodged from the metal chunk, Talus tries to stay in the room, Hamae suggests heading back to the rest of the party. Then she leaves on her own.
    Bashek and Corbyk talk, decide they need to do something about Ripley. They follow her.


  • Hamae inspects an odd viscous liquid she has come to, she inspects it to try and find knowledge about it. After an unsuccessful attempt at knowledge, she presses a random button, causing the fluid to change direction of flow. It looks similar to what was in the last room.


  • Ripley heads into the room we had been in before. She pulls out some tools, and heads into the room with rods on the floor. She begins climbing the rods and is trying to get to work. Bashek and
  • Corbyk follow Ripley. She tells them to find the items we had removed from the pedestals while she attaches the cube to some cords and tubes, and seems to be putting things together.
  • Corbyk tells Bashek the cube is dangerous, we can’t let Ripley finish what she’s doing.
  • Corbyk and Bashek decide to restrain Ripley “Take her from behind” as it were. Bashek: “It’d be nice if we had handcuffs.”
  • They are successful in tying Ripley up, and restraining her, and lower her to the ground. She will not finish her summoning of ancient evils.


  • While investigating, Hamae and Talus work on buttons when out of a nearby door walks Thak (Traitorous Bastard) combat begins!
  • Talus runs and jumps over the chasm between them and Thak…. and falls. He falls 15 feet and starts climbing up.
  • Hamae hurls a throwing star at Thak, (nat 20 yo!) And does it again too!
  • Talus actually uses his cypher! the Air-fins are now in use!
  • Hamae, after 2 natural 20’s, has rolled a 1 and thrown her recovery pill! Good times!


  • Ripley is tied up, Bashek and Corbyk take Ripley and head toward the rest of the party, where they were before.
  • Bashek and Corbyk then reach the stairs we had been at before and together hoist Ripley up the stairs.
  • They all meet up again. Hamae investigates Ripley, trying to determine what’s the matter. Hamae tells the group that yes, something is wrong with Ripley. She suggests finding others with the same marks on her.
  • Ripley explains the plan, bring the object back, grab some of the people, and sacrifice their souls to bring her buddy, the shade reverend back.
  • Bashek and corbyk take Borregal and Ripley’s Mom, Ripley has no reaction. Something is definitely wrong with her.
  • The group decides to wrap Ripley in more rope and gag her, head off into the facility and head back to where Hamae and Talus were fighting the others.
  • The group heads to the rooms the two were in. Hamae presses the button she pressed before, the liquid goes the opposite angle. Rain in reverse.
  • Talus looks at the other pit. Some of the black stuff is coming through the grate coming upward. He goes and hits the buttons, one starts flashing.
  • The right door opens, Corbyk notices, there is a figure far away, the guy from the little town who claimed he needed a panel from a dungeon. The old man shouts “Just give up already!”
  • Corbyk shoots him and stuns him for a turn. The rest of the group tries to hit him, and doesn’t. The old man gets up and leaves, shouting “have fun with the shadow.”
  • Talus suggests we get some metal to create a bridge. The group agrees and heads to get metal, taking Ripley with them.
  • They bring the metal back to the room. The group passes, but Ripley’s thrashing forced Talus to lose balance and his arm is hit by the goo. His arm goes numb, and the prognosis is pretty good.



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