Numenera and You

Thak is a traitorous bastard.

The group settles into a camp, Thak lays down a series of metal rods around the camp that are supposed to protect the party. Bashek investigates the item that turns off Hamae’s brain and figures out what it does. Corbyk spends some time trying to figure out the black metal cube.

The group awakens, with Frav, in a small room with metal walls and ceiling, a blue mist hangs in the air and is seemingly dangerous. Bashek and Telus are trying to throw Frav into the mist when Hamae walks in to it. Getting electrified in the process but making it through to a room with multiple contraptions.

Telus picks Frav up and carries him through the mist. Frav passes out, Telus is hurt and impaired. He decides to heal himself up. Hamae figures out that she can turn the mist off, and does. As she works on that task the group also discovers more groups of people who are trapped and have been trapped. In the rooms is also a couple of screens with another room on it. After a while Hamae figures out how to open the door leading into the sealed room with a group of rods of varying heights, the group then heads in to retrieve items, the players items are in the room, and Bashek, Telus, and Corbyk try to retrieve the items. They get halfway up when enemies enter the room. The group starts throwing items from the rods at their opponents. Hamae is called to action, Corbyk leaps onto one of the enemies running toward him and knocks the staff from his hand. The fight from that point goes slowly, Corbyk is put into a stun bubble, Telus is put into a bubble, Hamae is repeatedly punched in the face, Ripley rejoins the party after finding Borregal. Bashek is nearly killed but is able to recover in short order and get back into the fight. Corbyk comes out of his bubble, runs and attempts to smack the enemies, he misses, and then starts tussling for the staff, stunning and incapacitating his enemy. Everyone is missing their attacks. Telus comes out of his bubble, and most of the party gives chase. The party reaches the doorway and…

To Be Continued…



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