Numenera and You

Thak is still a traitorous bastard...

Talus, Ripley, Corbyk, Hamae, and Bashek, after getting their asses kicked by some enemies, are left to lick their wounds after the enemies ran off. They have not been taken down yet, Frav and the rest of the prisoners in this facility waited in the other room while the party fought.

The group now is injured, and must decide whether to chase their attackers. Hamae immediately gives chase, the rest of the group follows behind. She stops at a doorway, hearing footsteps, she stops and waits, Talus heads into the room, and searches. Bashek waits with Hamae, the rest of the party heads into the room. After some searching the group decides to head back to the main chamber of the facility. Talus interrogates and then murders the downed enemy. They slowly, tediously, remove the enemies head while the rest of the group walks. Yes, Ripley and Talus slowly viciously removed the enemies head, and then removed the jaw…

The group looks around more, the devices that were found last session could fit a person, they are “energy transfer device”s that are connected to the big room, no one’s sure how it works, let’s try it out!

Frav is killed by lightning arcs and Talus is hit by some electricity. The group begins a search to hunt down more of the enemies from earlier.

The group heads out looking for the other two, they head up stairs, Ripley has something happen to her, a new mark appears on her face when she enters into the room at the top of the stairs. She comes out, claiming something happened in the room. She’s acting different, but not by much. She tells the group she’s going to look for these other two guys and heads off. Corbyk follows, Hamae, freaked out, heads to the top of the stairs and looks into the room, a black mist darkening a portion of the room can be seen. Bashek follows along with Corbyk and Ripley as they leave. Talus talks with Ripley and Hamae is trying to enter the room and stay away from the shade in the room.

Hamae, exploring the room, heads for the other doors, and attempts to open them, she is successful and discovers a way to more reliably open them. Hamae and Talus stumble upon a room full of buttons.

Corbyk, Bashek, led by ripley walk through the control panel, head through massive, expanding halls, Ripley opens a door and heads through. The group get to a T shape in the hall and head right toward another descending ramp. We reach the bottom of the ramp and make a right, they come upon another door. We’ve descended almost 300 feet, and Ripley is still confidently leading the way while Bashek and Corbyk are starting to feel nervous. They head through the door, Ripley heads in and nods. Corbyk and Bashek hang back. The room has a massive flow of purple coalesced energy in the center in a dome and many more panels and buttons, they recognize it as one of the rooms on a monitor from earlier. Ripley approaches the dome and steps into it.

Hamae and Talus, still in the room with the buttons, stand around searching for things. Talus rolls a 1, and spots a hatch to get into a chunk of metal, he heads toward it and goes inside. Talus presses a button and the hatch closes, a humming begins while Talus tries to hit buttons in this weird chunk of metal and machinery. Hamae attempts to get Talus’ attention. Hamae is attempting to get Talus out of the chunk using some metal pieces.

Ripley, having walked through, prompts the group, and Corbyk heads through the domed purple essence. Corbyk breaks down sobbing as the entity speaks to Corbyks mind, revealing he is a shade minister.



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