Numenera and You

Thak is the most traitorous traitor of them all...

The Lightning Wars

Lots of discussion regarding leveling up to start the night strong.

  • The group resumes their adventure, Talus’ arm is numb, and we’re going to explore the two rooms, and try to hunt down the old Aeon Priest.
  • Bashek tells Talus “Hey, go after him, he had a mechanical arm!” Talus realizes it’s a lie, but heads out anyway.
  • The group arrive at the door, wide enough for a few people. Talus plugs in to the door and opens it.
  • The corridor ahead of them is dark, made of steel and metal.
  • Talus calls for Bashek to track the priest, Bashek is unsuccessful. But we’re still fairly confident he went this way.
  • Bashek doesn’t notice a puddle of liquid (~5 ft) ahead of him, his muscles lock up and he falls to the ground. The pool lights up and energy goes up his leg arcing and stunning him.
  • Bashek informs the party, and notices that the puddle has formed along a seam in the corridor.
  • The party tries to pry open the panel where the water is leaking.
  • The party continues in the corridor, heading upward slowly, and traveling for quite some distance.
  • There are figures standing in the doorway, appearing to be some numenera devices, bigger than human, 4 legs and 4 arms, gripping weapons in 2 hands each.
  • The group discusses how to handle the numenera monsters. Corbyk suggests disabling the sensors, Bashek suggests we build a trap, and Talus is ready to throw his axe.
  • Bashek and Hamae head off to find cord in the area’s we’d explored before. Hamae finds a mini-tank that follows her.
  • Hamae takes control of the mini-tank’s controller, and she names him Tankie. Tankie is hers, and she will ride in it majestically, treads noisily clinking.
  • Talus’ arm is starting to feel better, the group sets up the trap for the numenera standing men. A generally well made trap that will be triggered when Bashek and Corbyk potentially trigger the numenera enemies.
  • Corbyk and Bashek are ready, they loose their arrows and Corbyk misses, Bashek hits the sensor, but nothing happens to destroy the wire, instead the numenera bot activates, the two loose another arrow toward the other bot, it activates as well, moving very quickly. The two bots head toward the group.
  • Corbyk and Bashek run, getting across the wire trap. Talus drops the wire and activates the trap.
  • Bashek misses another shot and breaks his bowstring. The bots blast laser beams toward Bashek and hit him.
  • The robots have LASER EYES!!!
  • Panicked, Bashek and Corbyk turn and run as the robots head into the trap. It seems this worked.
  • The other bot stays put, now holding still, Hamae shoots him up and damages him.
  • The bot realizes what has happened to its friend and leaves, heading around a corner.
  • The Bot comes back, it carefully steps through the wires. Talus, at this point, throws LITERALLY everything he’s got at it. Including other people’s armor.
  • After some time the robot dies. It turns out Talus’ axe is melted to the bot. He takes some time to get his weapon back.
  • Hamae takes some time to investigate and dismantle the bots, finding cyphers.
  • Talus cannot get his whole axe free, only getting his axe handle off. However Talus acquires 2 guardian robot arms.
  • Hamae: “Let’s go beat up a priest!”
  • The group gets through the door and heads into another corridor, the group continues and finds another room with a door.
  • The group can smell the outdoors as they open up the next door. There is a stone floor.
  • To the left the party sees a length of rope laying, it’s been dropped onto the ground
  • They can see up, it seems to be the group’s in some chasm, the edge of the cliff face we are at the bottom of is almost a thousand feet up.
  • Talus’ arm is now fully functional
  • Should we try to find a way out or head back in?
  • We hang out for 10 hours and recover, Ripley is still having problems.
  • Hamae’s wisdom for the day: “Run while you still can.”
  • Bashek uses his flight symbiote. He’s looking around to understand the layout of this place. Looking for doors and the way out of here.
  • Bashek flies up with the rope. Corbyk notices as he rises that every hundred feet or so there are spikes sticking out of the wall. Corbyk calls up to Bashek and lets him know. Bashek secures a portion of the rope to the wall and begins leapfrogging the rope up.
  • Bashek brings Ripley up, and the group deliberates how to get everyone up. Eventually we do.



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