Numenera and You

The walk of shame...

  • The group wakes up, having cleaned off a lot of goo. The group also sees red robed figures in the distance.
  • Door closed behind the figures. The figures drop some object and ripley sprints out for it. Opening it. It’s a book.
  • The book is a diary most recent entry lists some descriptions and a nearby town, Lumberfall.
  • Most recent entry is 2 weeks from now, town of Jutte.
  • A quick joke from Corbyk – “What takes 28 hours and hurts a lot? A day with this party!”
  • The group makes camp, they find tracks.
  • Half an hour later…
  • Let’s follow the tracks! Yay!
  • The group comes upon a group, apparently the group from the DOOM CAVE before.
  • Ripley and Hamae fumble through sending off Ripley’s grasshopper cypher. Then the group follows them anyway.
  • We discuss travel times and miles/hour for human travel…
  • While following the group the grasshopper is on its way back and Ripley, stepping on everyone’s faces, grabs the grasshopper and activates it.
  • The grasshopper shows the remaining bad guys, including the fake aeon priest, Thak, two nano’s and a guy with a sword and shield
  • Corbyk Tiers up



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