Brashek is a Rugged Jack who Explores Dark Places
Tier 2 Effort 2 Current XP 1
Completed improvements towards next Tier
Tier 1
Increased capabiliies – +4 attr points
Increased Might Edge to 2
Added Perception (T)
Increased Effort to 2
Tier 2
Increased Might Edge to 3
Pool Stats Edge Skills and Disabilities Training LVL
Might 1 flex skill
pool current edge Searching T
15 15 3 Balancing T
Speed Listening T
12 12 0 Running T
pool current edge Swimming T
Intellect Training Natural Animals T
pool current edge Riding Natural Animals T
13 13 0 Placating Natural Animals T
Identifying Natural Plants T
Using Natural Plants T
Climbing S
Jumping S
Tracking S
Perception T
Lock Picking T
Tinkering with Devices T
No Social Graces (+1 difficulty for charm, persuasion, etiquette, deception


Armor armor Special Abilities
Leather Jerkin 1 Practiced w/ Light/Med Weapons
Ward 1 Thrust (1 Might Pt) +1 Dmg if melee weapon sharp / pointed
Attacks mod dmg Practiced in Armor – reduce Might cost & Speed reduction -2
Collaborates with Talis: +1 to die rolls
Eyes Adjusted (dim = normal; dark = dim)
Ward (constant energy shield: +1 armor)
Cypher Limit limit Cyphers Artifacts and Oddities
2 Wrist mounted smoke projector (lvl 7) 1 minute of smoke Leather headdress that turns my eyes black
2 Small device that shuts off Hamae’s brain with touch of a button



Numenera and You Raylek