Corbyk is a Doomed Jack who Wields Two Weapons at Once
Tier 1 Effort 1 Current XP 3
Completed improvements towards next Tier
Pool Stats Edge Skills and Disabilities Training LVL
14 14 1
14 14 1
10 10 0


Armor Light Armor – 1 Special Abilities
Attacks mod dmg
Punching Dagger +1 Asset 2
Dagger +1 Asset 2
Cypher Limit 2 Cyphers Artifacts and Oddities
Screaming Madness Lv. 6 Small Polygon with button, within one round emits deafening screeching sound. Leafy Cloak Made of a green leaf textured material cut to help blend in to the wilderness.
Cats Eye Lv. 6 Small Flask of liquid that lets the user see in the dark for 8 hours.

Corbyk was raised in a small village in the woods, made of structures held high in the trees by a numenera. In his teen years Corbyk became curious about Numenera and the power they hold. He and his father, while hunting, had found multiple objects that Corbyk had become interested in and was collecting, keeping them in secret areas around the forest.

One day, Corbyk traveled with his father on a normal trade trip to the city. When they arrived Corbyk, as usual, explored the shops for interesting items. While looking at a necklace a woman in her middle years approached him. She introduced herself as Alykka, an explorer and well-known expert on Numenera. Corbyk hangs on every word and by the end of their conversation he asks if he could go on one of these adventures with her. She agrees, and Corbyk began meeting with Alykka and going on small trips to find artifacts. Eventually, having been doing these trips for months, Alykka invited Corbyk to be her apprentice. Corbyk decided to leave his childhood home, his family, and father especially, supporting him, gave Corbyk his generations old dagger. Corbyk holds on to this dagger dearly to this day and uses it in combat constantly.

Corbyk, now living in town with Alykka, was constantly traveling with her and they were making discoveries of all sorts. On one of these longer trips they discovered a Numenera in the shape of a black crystal crown. When Corbyk touched the artifact he was shown a vision of every version of his death he may ever experience, along with many visions of how the world would end and the objects that would be brought together to cause it. Alykka, attempting to help Corbyk, pulled the object from his hands and went completely mad when she touched the numenera. Corbyk, left with no choice, had to kill his master. He took her body back to town and gave her a proper burial, but held on to the punching dagger she had brought with her on all of their adventures. The black crown was shattered in their fight, and Corbyk sealed the chamber they’d found it in.

At this point, Corbyk, reliving his experience constantly, and being unable to sleep, decided to do something. He was going to seek out the objects that would end the world, and try to stop it. One of those objects, one he recognized from the start, was the numenera that held his home village afloat. He decided that, when the time came, and he was ready, he would go back to his village, but now he had to seek out help to accomplish his goal.

Corbyk began researching these objects, looking for any clues to where they could be, once he found where one of these objects might be he struck out, meeting with the party in his journey’s there. Out of Shins, doing a poor job of conning people of their cash, and doomed.


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