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Hamae is a tongue-tied Nano who Fuses Mind and Machine
Tier 1 Effort 1 Current XP 2
Completed improvements towards next Tier
Pool Stats Edge Skills and Disabilities Training LVL
Might Perception T
12 10 0 Initiative (Unless it’s a social situation) T
social interation I
Speed verbal comm. or relaying information I
12 10 0
18 10 1


Armor 1 Special Abilities
Attacks mod dmg
Onslaught 0 4
Dagger +1 2
Cypher Limit 3 Cyphers Artifacts and Oddities
Bracelet with bell
Lv. 7, Rejuvinator
Lv. 7, Orb Gernade

Explorer’s Pack
Numenera Book
4 Shins
Poison Mist Canister


Hamae grew up in Charmonde with her mother and father. From a young age she was trained to be a scholar, just like her parents, and their parents before them. She had no particular ambition in mind. She spent her early years researching machines, just like her mother had done. For years she spent her time pouring every waking moment into figuring out the workings of machines. It was in those years that her father’s mind began to fall ill; he spoke to things that were not there, and whispered about events that had not occurred. His illness progressed and his symptoms became more severe while his physical body began to fail. Towards the ends of his days he lost all resemblance to his former self.

Several years would pass and Hamae began to experience the symptoms of this illness. She would see things out of the corner of her eyes and hear whispers on the edge of her hearing. Hamae began to fear for what would happen to her if she left her mid to fail. She turned her attention to the workings of the mind and ways to improve it. She would spend years researching and each passing year her mind began to fail a little bit more. Out of desperation she began to make plans for a device that would fix her mind. She asked to burrow from other scholars but they did not aid her and thus Hamae was forced to take out money from a rather wealthy woman known as Sallie. Hamae would spend two years doing her experiments, each one resulting in failure. She grew desperate, her mind decaying more and more, and in a last-ditch effort she implanted the machine in her own mind.

The experiment was a success, her mind was cured, but her success was too late. She could not find anyone to buy her invention. Sallie came calling, hounding Hamae for her money. Hamae did her best to make up the money but was never able to. Sallie got more intense about her collection methods and for awhile Hamae could cope. She found out all of the back alleys and short cuts around town. However, things got more and more intense and Hamae was forced to flee Charmonde. She figured if she got to The Beyond that she may be safe.*

Reason for Traveling

  • Currently owes a big debt to some bad people.
  • Will work for food.

Character Connection

  • Bashek has a device that he has picked up in his travels, in unbeknownst to him the switch on the device will shut down Hamae’s brain

Character Relationships

  • Ripley, Hamae feels a sense of endearment when it comes to Ripley. After all she was the first one to speak to her out of the group and ever since her disappearance Hamae is praying that is alright. She hopes that Ripley might appear by the time that the group returns to town. If she does Hamae intends to keep a closer eye on the woman.
  • Telus, He seems kind enough but he is a bit odd. Hamae greatly admires his determination. However, she is a bit concerned about how his focus tends to shift away from the well being of his companions. She finds him rather funny.
  • Corbyk, Hamae feels weary of Corbyk. His ability to fixate upon death and his general demeanor makes her nervous. Despite her feelings on him personally she knows that Corbyk is more than capable of protecting himself in a fight. In that respect she greatly admires him. Of course she does that admiration from a distance, a very far far distance.
  • Bashek, Hamae thinks that Bashek is alright. He seems to a bit odd but not that bad. He can handle himself in a fight, which is always a positive thing. Hamae is still unaware of the device that Bashek carries.
  • Wemder the Knight, She seems capable though sometimes a little bit unawares of certain things. Hamae is thankful though that Wemder came along when she did. She is curious about what this whole candle business is about. She also hopes that someday that perhaps they can get along better.


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