Numenera and You

Into the Cave of Wonders - And Bodrov

  • the group discusses how they will approach this fortress.
  • Talus begins walking into the cave system, oh boy.
  • The group will bring objects to the gate to offer as a sign of trust, we’re going to try and convince the big inside encampment to trust us. If not we’ll be running. Fast.
  • The group approaches, they allow Ripley in, but everyone else must be escorted, there’s a fountain somewhere in there.
  • Allowed in if you’re not marked with Ripley’s sweet new tattoo.
  • Talus and the rest of the party quickly decides to leave. That was a good discussion.
  • The group travels, heading toward Bodrov, they arrive in Threast. Meanwhile everyone participates in some sort of research, hunting, etc.
  • Ripley believes they’ve arrived in Bodrov, and she looks for the aeon priest.
  • The group is checking stuff out, Hamae finds some new cyphers in a shop. Talus buys new weapons and looks for some way to get stuff attached to him.
  • Ripley holds up the party for a few days getting a saddle made for the bat.
  • Ripley finds an odd Artifact that looks like a tuba, she then tries to seduce the shopkeeper.
  • The group heads out and arrives in Bodrov. The city is on a massive, 500 foot tall plateau, with the town sitting on top, it’s over 800 feet across.
  • Holy Shit. Finally here.
  • What is the group doing? Asking after Gasper
  • Aeon priests tell us that Gasper has been dead for over 80 years.
  • Talus tries to find other aeon priests willing to do mechanical surgeries. The aeon priests say they are not involved in cybernetics.
  • Hard No on cybernetics.
    6 rolls to make for the journey here.



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