Numenera and You

Murder, senseless, mostly justified murder.

The group continues to explore the cave system, searching for anything in the area. Wemder is carrying Ripley around with her.

Searching the room, Wemder gets another room open. Bashek and Corbyk try to treat Ripley’s wounds, not much works. Wemder decides to head out, grabbing the camouflage screen and walking toward the exit. Corbyk hefts Ripley over his shoulder and heads after Wemder. Hamae follows the other two.

The door opens to a group of the visitants from the camp. Wemder tries to convince the visitants and they are having none of it. Wemder is attacked, Corbyk comes out and annihilates the attacker and one of the other attackers puts up a shield. Corbyk dodges attacks, leaving Wemder to defend herself. Hamae starts running for the other two. Wemder and Corbyk take down enough of the enemy camp to get everyone else to run off. Wemder begins searching and Ripley is lying on the ground with spikes surrounding her. The group begins searching the area. The group decides to head back toward Steek.

Mid-trip Ripley wakes up from her unconsciousness. The party makes it back to Steek and goes to talk to the aeon priest, requesting the letter of recommendation and turning in the piece he needed for his device and rewarding the rest of the party.

The group heads off for Bodrov. Ending the night at that point.

Recovering Ridley - the Spidilla disappointment!


Bashek is quieter than usual this session, he is dealing with gas problems after eating some odd berries.

The group comes upon the camp of visitants and have found the cave the aeon priest asked for the group to find. Devising a plan the group sneaks into the cave using Telus’ camo screen.

Wemder is Telldik’s new name.

Investigating the cave Hamae discovers a doorway made of metal, after opening the party headed in, bringing the projector with them again. The group finds the panel we need, Wemder rips it off the wall and the party continues to explore. The party opens up a door and sees Ripley floating in a block of solid light above a fountain similar to what we saw in Steek.

The discovers that the rocks scattered through the room are made of bone. Bashek finds multiple items near the tubes and Hamae identifies them as a cypher as well as some sort of Synth keycard. Hamae breaks the keycard shortly after opening one of the doors, leading the group to another system of halls, that quickly turns into a maze-like system. After deciding to head back the group opens another hall door.

Inside is darkness and a room, the room is quite large. The group heads in led by Wemder, Telus following behind and Hamae and Corbyk trailing more cautiously. Bashek, paying more attention to the bones in the room with the fountain, is last to trail along with the group. They find a large room, with bones covering the floor. Wemder casts a light into the air, and a dramatic shadow of a creature shows.

It roars just after and jumps down, a Spidilla (Spider Gorilla) shows itself (BOSS BATTLE!) Once finished with battle the group heads to the main room and discovers Ridley has dropped from the air, broken her arm, and is alive.

Ripley Vanished, Tachy was lost, and we fought Psychic BobGoats

Ripley talks to the dead rider, finding directions for the party. Corbyk, seeing this thing, agrees with Telus and Ripley that we should try to destroy it. Nothing happens.

The party follows the directions the dead rider gave. Heading for the Gray Castle, north of Navarine. Hamae joins the party when they arrive in Steek, a scholarly Nano who ended up running from loans in her home town of Charmonde. Steek is a small town that has a fountain the center of town, metal. The group heads toward the fountain, with Hamae watching from the side.

The group is approached by Hamae, who tells them not to go near the fountain. Ripley touches the water in the fountain and a woman gasps horrified, telling the group not to touch, again. An Aeon priest approaches the group and asks the group if they’re adventurers, telling them a girl is very sick, and we may be able to help. The aeon priest mentions a surgeon named Gasper in Bodrov who can do the eye surgery that Telus has been focused on.

The Aeon priest then says there is a group of humans and visitants (inhuman creatures) in ruins to the north. He also says that the fountain makes people disappear. Ripley runs to the fountain, reaches her hand into the water and disappears, Tachy ran away and the group decided to go get lunch and wait for the Aeon priest to draw us an image of the object he needs.

On the way out of the priests house we run into Teldik, a warrior. She joins the party and they head for the ruins. The group reaches the ruins and is somewhat ambushed by BobGoats, vicious psychic attacking beasts. The group fought them off and rested for an hour.

Taming a Tachyron, inspecting a dead Zydrake.

The party decided to head for Badrav (west) in the kingdom of Navarine to follow up on Aeon priests. The party heads back to Embered Peaks to find directions/supplies.

The party went to an inn in town, acquired supplies for the 4 day trip to Legrash. On the way we stopped for the night in ruins. Telus, noticing something outside the ruins, notices two wolf sized insects. The party engages in battle, Ripley and Bashek attempt to tame one of the creatures and subdue it. Ripley is trying to tame the creature. Ripley has taken Beast training as a skill.

The party then meet a trader with various supplies, showed the party the map, hand drawn, very rough. Ripley traded a few items and Bashek bought strong liquor. After a couple more days the party arrives in Legrash, a seedy, lower class town. Training of Tachy is going well and Ripley decided to have a leatherworker make a collar and muzzle for Tachy. The party headed to The Claw inn for food while waiting on the leatherworker. Tachy got a new collar, and the party headed off toward Badrav, possibly looking for an obelisk of the water god. During the first day of travel from Legrash we see a large creature, winged, and dead Zydrake. We search the corpse, find that it had a saddle, and its rider crawled off. Found rations in the satchel, Ripley wants to use the saddle from the Zydrake on Tachy. The party follows the tracks of the rider, finding the rider the group talks to her and finds out she is an Angulan Knight and had stolen a black box with silver tracery and blue lights which was to be used in a ritual to summon the Shade Minister by a cult. After the rider told the party to take an object Lady Parrix who resides in a castle north of Navarine, the Gray Castle. Telus justifiably killed her immediately thereafter.

Boregal in Embered Peaks

They have tracked the source of the interruption of normal life to the aldeia of Embered Peaks. The girl that they helped get healed told them someone named Boregal is there and is causing the problems and he is scared. As they arrive in Embered Peaks they are shown the level of madness that has arrived here, probably due to Boregal. There are several buildings on fire, nobody is trying to put them out, some are completely burned to the ground. They see a number of people fighting each other and quite a few people talking to themselves or some other invisible thing. Ripley, the mad nano who speaks with the dead, fits right in, she doesn’t think anything is strange here. The other two, Telus and Bashek, know something is definitely wrong here. They ask one of the less crazy people where the town leaders are, they are told “Any that might still be alive would be in the magistrate’s office in the center of town, it’s the large circular building.” They made their way through town avoiding any troublesome citizens and find the large building the person told them about. Inside is a slight man, in a robe who seems to be feverishly looking for something.

The group interupts him and asks who the town leader is to which he tells them, “The Magistrate is in charge, but he is very very busy.”

“Where is he?” Telus askes gruffly.

“He is in his office and not to be interrupted!” replied the young man, with only a slight hesitation at Telus’ aggressive attitude.

Seeing the man motion towards a door behind a large desk Telus moved over swung it open, ignoring the man’s protests. The door opened into a semi-circular room with three other doors in it, the door immediately in front of the PCs was the grandest of the three so the group assumed that was where they wanted to go. This was when an old friend of Telus and Bashek shows up, Corbyk had followed their trail of mayhem across half of the beyond on some mission of his own. After asking the young man where the most obvious of the group, Telus, had gone he opened the door the other three had previously entered and greeted them. He explained that he had tracked them to here and had already learned part of what they were doing and wanted to join them in their travels.

The group of four now split up one going to each side room to see what they might find and Telus attempting to find a way through the central door. Telus realizing there were two locks that he didn’t have a key or solution for returned to the young man, and aske him his name while dragging him into the room. After learning the man’s name was Chahil, Telus convinced him to unlock the large door. The door opened into a fairly large office lined with bookshelves, a desk on one side and a conference table on the other. The group spread out into the room. Telus walked into the center of the room, looked around and demanded Chahil show them where the Magistrate was. In order to amplify his demand Telus stomped his foot and again demanded to be shown where the Magistrate was. Apparently he had found the perfect place to stand and stomp as his foot came down on a button hidden in the floor and the floor beneath is feet opened up and dropped him into a darked pit with a circular set of stairs, he hit the stairs and then fell all the way down to the floor.

The rest of the group laughed a little and took the stairs down while Telus regained his feet and inspected some of the new dents in his shield and some of his body parts. At the end of the stairs was a lit hallway that went to another door with a mirrored panel on one side of the door. Again Telus forced Chahil to help them, fearing for his life the young man was more than happy to be of assistance. Beyond the door was what appeared to be a strange mortuary, there was nearly a dozen bodies laid out on tables. They all had a strange burn mark on their forehead. Near the head of one of the bodies is a disheveled man, he is leaning over and appears to have whispered something in the corpse’s ear and put his ear to the corpse’s mouth. Ripley was ecstatic, finally someone who saw the world as she did and talked to dead people. When Telus walked up to the man to determine what he was doing, but before he could say anything, the man thanked him for coming and asked him if they were here to hinder or help him. Telus told him they were here to help, two which the Magistrate asked him to grab a piece of equipment for him and then he started muttering something about how it’s not working and something about wrong questions. He then took the tool that Telus brought him and held it out to Corbyk and told him that he should just go cut him out since nothing’s going to work. The Magistrate then led the group down a hallway into a strange room that was half filled with numenera parts and was dominated by a soft spongy mass that seemed to be attached to the wall.

Tracking the Shadewalker
in which an old friend rejoins the group and they head off for more adventure

We rewind a bit..

Brashek awoke at the camp to find two of his companions missing. He discovers tracks made by the two heading north, he decides to follow them. It appeared that they weren’t attempting to hide their tracks so they were quite easy to follow, especially since Talus was so heavy.

After two days about mid-morning he sees a very large numenera device fly up into the sky and head to the northwest. About the same time loud sounds of clattering wood and voices can be heard. He moves forward to see what’s happening and discovers a village in panic, people running around and picking up pieces of buildings. He also notices Ripley and Talus having a heated discussing with a couple of people, one of whom has the bridle gallen firmly in hand. As he approaches he can tell they are haggling over a price of something.

Brashek announces himself and Talus and Ripley act not unfriendly towards him ( so apparently they didn’t run from him ). He is involved in the tail end of a negotiation for the group of now three people to track the Shadewalker and return to the village with news of the new location and any threats in the new area. Parl informs them that in that direction hurath can be found and and are a good source of meat. Hurath are snakelike creatures with vestigial limbs. He also tells them that a trader/trapper may be in the area too, his name is Balvo. Parl says that Balvo is a good guy, he just prefers his solitude and comes into the village once in a while to trade.

The group ends up agreeing to 21 shins as payment and refuse the young gallen, they viewed it as just another mouth to feed. They request partial payment prior to heading out. Parl counters saying that if they die then they will have just lost their shins for nothing, if the group doesn’t trust the village then he will give them 2/3rds when they arrive and the last 7 shins after the group gives them the information they request.

The group agrees with the arrangement and heads off after the Shadewalker which they insist on calling the Shademover now. The group finds the first place where the device landed about half a mile from the village. They see the divots caused by the legs landing as well as some curious seemingly random holes drilled in the ground. The holes, about 1.5 fee in diameter appear to go straight down, a test with some rope and a torch show that they descend about fifty feet, all of them do this. The holes don’t appear to be in any pattern but they do seem to be where the edge of the device would have been based on the impressions left by the “legs”.

The group travels onward and about another 15 minutes later they find a similar situation, though the holes don’t seem to be in the same relative place and there are a couple less of them. They see that from here the Shadewalker actually walked, still making a straight line away from the village. The group follows from point to point more holes, the device mostly walking sometimes flying, this goes on for about 4 hours when they come upon a high ridge. Near the ridge attempting to hide behind some shrubbery is a man in animal skins, he’s sitting on the ground with his legs sprawled out.

The group easily sees him and move toward him, as they ask him who he is and what he’s doing they are interrupted by him shushing them and asking them to be quiet. He whispers he’s Balvo and there are some Margr in the area and he doesn’t want them to hear him. He is in some obvious discomfort and his right leg is twisted at a strange angle. Balvo asks if any of them are able to splint his leg. Ripley offers to give it a try, while she’s doing that the group asks Balvo questions about the Shademover. Balvo had been up the high ridge watching for Margr when he saw the device fly over his head. This startled him as he recognized the thing but had never seen it fly before. He tumbled down the ridge and broke his leg.

Ripley is able to splint the leg and Balvo thanks her, he offers 8 arrows and some hurath jerky as payment and starts working on carving out some simple crutches. The group readily takes the proffered rewards and asks if he would like to travel with them. Balvo refuses saying he prefers to be alone, and now that his leg is properly splinted he should be fine.

The group leaves him and and discusses climbing the ridge, they decide to have Talus and Brashek work together as they seem to work well together and both of them are familiar with climbing. The two of them climb up with a slight misstep by Brashek, but he avoids tumbling down. Once at the top they hoist Ripley up with little effort. At the narrow top they can see that the ridge is a long treacherous slope on the other side but the Shadewalker is visible from here. They start finding their way downward making a trail side to side, Talus and Brashek’s climbing skills definitely put to use, but their experience make the trip trivial.

They reach the bottom of the slope and head off into the underbrush towards where they saw the Shadewalker, based on the distance Brashek thinks it’s about 2 more hours away. The group keeps trekking through the sparsely forested area until out of the darkness three spears come flying out at them. In the dim light provided by Telus’ neverending candle they see the goat muzzles of some Margr. The group moves up to engage and 5 other Margr join the fight from the forests each leading with a spear. A spear or two hit Telus but his well armored body and shield help deflect the attacks, Ripley on the other hand is very poor at avoiding attacks and is hit many times by spears and axes. Brashek is able to avoid being hit at all. At one point in the fight Telus managed to divert the enemy’s attention to him hoping to protect Ripley.

The Shade "mover"
a village on the move

Ripley and Talus stumbled upon a village under the relatively large body of some ancient structure. The village was called Shadewalker Shanty and they called the structure the Shadewalker.

The two adventurers climbed to the top of the structure they seemed to be determined to gather some sort of remembrance of the thing, they broke open one of the blackened square “windows” and found there to be bits of numenera there and a cable running into the larger structure. This upset Talus as he hoped he would create a “door” into the larger thing. Ripley was able to look at the bits and construct a few cyphers from the junk she took one and gave one to Talus.

They decided to give up on entering the thing and instead climbed down to talk to the villagers. When discussing the thing with one of the people Ripley pointed at the structure at which point it started to rise into the air, collapsing in it’s “legs” and headed to the Northwest. In the village below the structures that had been build using the legs as support collapsed, there were some shouts for help and cries of distress along with astonished voices asking " Why is it flying, it’s never done that before?".

Talus and Ripley set about helping one of the trapped elderly women and was thanked profusely, they were approached by one of the villagers who stated that his name is Parl and he is the leader of this village and they would like to hire the two adventurers to help track the Shadewalker.

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