Numenera and You

Into the Cave of Wonders - And Bodrov
  • the group discusses how they will approach this fortress.
  • Talus begins walking into the cave system, oh boy.
  • The group will bring objects to the gate to offer as a sign of trust, we’re going to try and convince the big inside encampment to trust us. If not we’ll be running. Fast.
  • The group approaches, they allow Ripley in, but everyone else must be escorted, there’s a fountain somewhere in there.
  • Allowed in if you’re not marked with Ripley’s sweet new tattoo.
  • Talus and the rest of the party quickly decides to leave. That was a good discussion.
  • The group travels, heading toward Bodrov, they arrive in Threast. Meanwhile everyone participates in some sort of research, hunting, etc.
  • Ripley believes they’ve arrived in Bodrov, and she looks for the aeon priest.
  • The group is checking stuff out, Hamae finds some new cyphers in a shop. Talus buys new weapons and looks for some way to get stuff attached to him.
  • Ripley holds up the party for a few days getting a saddle made for the bat.
  • Ripley finds an odd Artifact that looks like a tuba, she then tries to seduce the shopkeeper.
  • The group heads out and arrives in Bodrov. The city is on a massive, 500 foot tall plateau, with the town sitting on top, it’s over 800 feet across.
  • Holy Shit. Finally here.
  • What is the group doing? Asking after Gasper
  • Aeon priests tell us that Gasper has been dead for over 80 years.
  • Talus tries to find other aeon priests willing to do mechanical surgeries. The aeon priests say they are not involved in cybernetics.
  • Hard No on cybernetics.
    6 rolls to make for the journey here.
The walk of shame...
  • The group wakes up, having cleaned off a lot of goo. The group also sees red robed figures in the distance.
  • Door closed behind the figures. The figures drop some object and ripley sprints out for it. Opening it. It’s a book.
  • The book is a diary most recent entry lists some descriptions and a nearby town, Lumberfall.
  • Most recent entry is 2 weeks from now, town of Jutte.
  • A quick joke from Corbyk – “What takes 28 hours and hurts a lot? A day with this party!”
  • The group makes camp, they find tracks.
  • Half an hour later…
  • Let’s follow the tracks! Yay!
  • The group comes upon a group, apparently the group from the DOOM CAVE before.
  • Ripley and Hamae fumble through sending off Ripley’s grasshopper cypher. Then the group follows them anyway.
  • We discuss travel times and miles/hour for human travel…
  • While following the group the grasshopper is on its way back and Ripley, stepping on everyone’s faces, grabs the grasshopper and activates it.
  • The grasshopper shows the remaining bad guys, including the fake aeon priest, Thak, two nano’s and a guy with a sword and shield
  • Corbyk Tiers up
What happened last week. Goo apparently.
  • The party got out of the ravine, and nonchalantly headed toward a nearby river.
  • The party was ambushed by bats, gooey bats.
  • gooey bats
  • the jacks got gooed
Thak is the most traitorous traitor of them all...
The Lightning Wars

Lots of discussion regarding leveling up to start the night strong.

  • The group resumes their adventure, Talus’ arm is numb, and we’re going to explore the two rooms, and try to hunt down the old Aeon Priest.
  • Bashek tells Talus “Hey, go after him, he had a mechanical arm!” Talus realizes it’s a lie, but heads out anyway.
  • The group arrive at the door, wide enough for a few people. Talus plugs in to the door and opens it.
  • The corridor ahead of them is dark, made of steel and metal.
  • Talus calls for Bashek to track the priest, Bashek is unsuccessful. But we’re still fairly confident he went this way.
  • Bashek doesn’t notice a puddle of liquid (~5 ft) ahead of him, his muscles lock up and he falls to the ground. The pool lights up and energy goes up his leg arcing and stunning him.
  • Bashek informs the party, and notices that the puddle has formed along a seam in the corridor.
  • The party tries to pry open the panel where the water is leaking.
  • The party continues in the corridor, heading upward slowly, and traveling for quite some distance.
  • There are figures standing in the doorway, appearing to be some numenera devices, bigger than human, 4 legs and 4 arms, gripping weapons in 2 hands each.
  • The group discusses how to handle the numenera monsters. Corbyk suggests disabling the sensors, Bashek suggests we build a trap, and Talus is ready to throw his axe.
  • Bashek and Hamae head off to find cord in the area’s we’d explored before. Hamae finds a mini-tank that follows her.
  • Hamae takes control of the mini-tank’s controller, and she names him Tankie. Tankie is hers, and she will ride in it majestically, treads noisily clinking.
  • Talus’ arm is starting to feel better, the group sets up the trap for the numenera standing men. A generally well made trap that will be triggered when Bashek and Corbyk potentially trigger the numenera enemies.
  • Corbyk and Bashek are ready, they loose their arrows and Corbyk misses, Bashek hits the sensor, but nothing happens to destroy the wire, instead the numenera bot activates, the two loose another arrow toward the other bot, it activates as well, moving very quickly. The two bots head toward the group.
  • Corbyk and Bashek run, getting across the wire trap. Talus drops the wire and activates the trap.
  • Bashek misses another shot and breaks his bowstring. The bots blast laser beams toward Bashek and hit him.
  • The robots have LASER EYES!!!
  • Panicked, Bashek and Corbyk turn and run as the robots head into the trap. It seems this worked.
  • The other bot stays put, now holding still, Hamae shoots him up and damages him.
  • The bot realizes what has happened to its friend and leaves, heading around a corner.
  • The Bot comes back, it carefully steps through the wires. Talus, at this point, throws LITERALLY everything he’s got at it. Including other people’s armor.
  • After some time the robot dies. It turns out Talus’ axe is melted to the bot. He takes some time to get his weapon back.
  • Hamae takes some time to investigate and dismantle the bots, finding cyphers.
  • Talus cannot get his whole axe free, only getting his axe handle off. However Talus acquires 2 guardian robot arms.
  • Hamae: “Let’s go beat up a priest!”
  • The group gets through the door and heads into another corridor, the group continues and finds another room with a door.
  • The group can smell the outdoors as they open up the next door. There is a stone floor.
  • To the left the party sees a length of rope laying, it’s been dropped onto the ground
  • They can see up, it seems to be the group’s in some chasm, the edge of the cliff face we are at the bottom of is almost a thousand feet up.
  • Talus’ arm is now fully functional
  • Should we try to find a way out or head back in?
  • We hang out for 10 hours and recover, Ripley is still having problems.
  • Hamae’s wisdom for the day: “Run while you still can.”
  • Bashek uses his flight symbiote. He’s looking around to understand the layout of this place. Looking for doors and the way out of here.
  • Bashek flies up with the rope. Corbyk notices as he rises that every hundred feet or so there are spikes sticking out of the wall. Corbyk calls up to Bashek and lets him know. Bashek secures a portion of the rope to the wall and begins leapfrogging the rope up.
  • Bashek brings Ripley up, and the group deliberates how to get everyone up. Eventually we do.
Thak is, and will always be a traitorous bastard...
  • Caught up Bryan on what has happened since he’s been here.
    What will he do?
  • Bashek: (slapping Ripley) C’mon, wake up, you’ve got goals in life!
  • Shadow Reverend needs 5 people to bring the shadow reverend back.
    Ripley called Bashek unreasonable.
  • Hamae and Talus – Having gotten dislodged from the metal chunk, Talus tries to stay in the room, Hamae suggests heading back to the rest of the party. Then she leaves on her own.
    Bashek and Corbyk talk, decide they need to do something about Ripley. They follow her.


  • Hamae inspects an odd viscous liquid she has come to, she inspects it to try and find knowledge about it. After an unsuccessful attempt at knowledge, she presses a random button, causing the fluid to change direction of flow. It looks similar to what was in the last room.


  • Ripley heads into the room we had been in before. She pulls out some tools, and heads into the room with rods on the floor. She begins climbing the rods and is trying to get to work. Bashek and
  • Corbyk follow Ripley. She tells them to find the items we had removed from the pedestals while she attaches the cube to some cords and tubes, and seems to be putting things together.
  • Corbyk tells Bashek the cube is dangerous, we can’t let Ripley finish what she’s doing.
  • Corbyk and Bashek decide to restrain Ripley “Take her from behind” as it were. Bashek: “It’d be nice if we had handcuffs.”
  • They are successful in tying Ripley up, and restraining her, and lower her to the ground. She will not finish her summoning of ancient evils.


  • While investigating, Hamae and Talus work on buttons when out of a nearby door walks Thak (Traitorous Bastard) combat begins!
  • Talus runs and jumps over the chasm between them and Thak…. and falls. He falls 15 feet and starts climbing up.
  • Hamae hurls a throwing star at Thak, (nat 20 yo!) And does it again too!
  • Talus actually uses his cypher! the Air-fins are now in use!
  • Hamae, after 2 natural 20’s, has rolled a 1 and thrown her recovery pill! Good times!


  • Ripley is tied up, Bashek and Corbyk take Ripley and head toward the rest of the party, where they were before.
  • Bashek and Corbyk then reach the stairs we had been at before and together hoist Ripley up the stairs.
  • They all meet up again. Hamae investigates Ripley, trying to determine what’s the matter. Hamae tells the group that yes, something is wrong with Ripley. She suggests finding others with the same marks on her.
  • Ripley explains the plan, bring the object back, grab some of the people, and sacrifice their souls to bring her buddy, the shade reverend back.
  • Bashek and corbyk take Borregal and Ripley’s Mom, Ripley has no reaction. Something is definitely wrong with her.
  • The group decides to wrap Ripley in more rope and gag her, head off into the facility and head back to where Hamae and Talus were fighting the others.
  • The group heads to the rooms the two were in. Hamae presses the button she pressed before, the liquid goes the opposite angle. Rain in reverse.
  • Talus looks at the other pit. Some of the black stuff is coming through the grate coming upward. He goes and hits the buttons, one starts flashing.
  • The right door opens, Corbyk notices, there is a figure far away, the guy from the little town who claimed he needed a panel from a dungeon. The old man shouts “Just give up already!”
  • Corbyk shoots him and stuns him for a turn. The rest of the group tries to hit him, and doesn’t. The old man gets up and leaves, shouting “have fun with the shadow.”
  • Talus suggests we get some metal to create a bridge. The group agrees and heads to get metal, taking Ripley with them.
  • They bring the metal back to the room. The group passes, but Ripley’s thrashing forced Talus to lose balance and his arm is hit by the goo. His arm goes numb, and the prognosis is pretty good.
Thak is still a traitorous bastard...

Talus, Ripley, Corbyk, Hamae, and Bashek, after getting their asses kicked by some enemies, are left to lick their wounds after the enemies ran off. They have not been taken down yet, Frav and the rest of the prisoners in this facility waited in the other room while the party fought.

The group now is injured, and must decide whether to chase their attackers. Hamae immediately gives chase, the rest of the group follows behind. She stops at a doorway, hearing footsteps, she stops and waits, Talus heads into the room, and searches. Bashek waits with Hamae, the rest of the party heads into the room. After some searching the group decides to head back to the main chamber of the facility. Talus interrogates and then murders the downed enemy. They slowly, tediously, remove the enemies head while the rest of the group walks. Yes, Ripley and Talus slowly viciously removed the enemies head, and then removed the jaw…

The group looks around more, the devices that were found last session could fit a person, they are “energy transfer device”s that are connected to the big room, no one’s sure how it works, let’s try it out!

Frav is killed by lightning arcs and Talus is hit by some electricity. The group begins a search to hunt down more of the enemies from earlier.

The group heads out looking for the other two, they head up stairs, Ripley has something happen to her, a new mark appears on her face when she enters into the room at the top of the stairs. She comes out, claiming something happened in the room. She’s acting different, but not by much. She tells the group she’s going to look for these other two guys and heads off. Corbyk follows, Hamae, freaked out, heads to the top of the stairs and looks into the room, a black mist darkening a portion of the room can be seen. Bashek follows along with Corbyk and Ripley as they leave. Talus talks with Ripley and Hamae is trying to enter the room and stay away from the shade in the room.

Hamae, exploring the room, heads for the other doors, and attempts to open them, she is successful and discovers a way to more reliably open them. Hamae and Talus stumble upon a room full of buttons.

Corbyk, Bashek, led by ripley walk through the control panel, head through massive, expanding halls, Ripley opens a door and heads through. The group get to a T shape in the hall and head right toward another descending ramp. We reach the bottom of the ramp and make a right, they come upon another door. We’ve descended almost 300 feet, and Ripley is still confidently leading the way while Bashek and Corbyk are starting to feel nervous. They head through the door, Ripley heads in and nods. Corbyk and Bashek hang back. The room has a massive flow of purple coalesced energy in the center in a dome and many more panels and buttons, they recognize it as one of the rooms on a monitor from earlier. Ripley approaches the dome and steps into it.

Hamae and Talus, still in the room with the buttons, stand around searching for things. Talus rolls a 1, and spots a hatch to get into a chunk of metal, he heads toward it and goes inside. Talus presses a button and the hatch closes, a humming begins while Talus tries to hit buttons in this weird chunk of metal and machinery. Hamae attempts to get Talus’ attention. Hamae is attempting to get Talus out of the chunk using some metal pieces.

Ripley, having walked through, prompts the group, and Corbyk heads through the domed purple essence. Corbyk breaks down sobbing as the entity speaks to Corbyks mind, revealing he is a shade minister.

Thak is a traitorous bastard.

The group settles into a camp, Thak lays down a series of metal rods around the camp that are supposed to protect the party. Bashek investigates the item that turns off Hamae’s brain and figures out what it does. Corbyk spends some time trying to figure out the black metal cube.

The group awakens, with Frav, in a small room with metal walls and ceiling, a blue mist hangs in the air and is seemingly dangerous. Bashek and Telus are trying to throw Frav into the mist when Hamae walks in to it. Getting electrified in the process but making it through to a room with multiple contraptions.

Telus picks Frav up and carries him through the mist. Frav passes out, Telus is hurt and impaired. He decides to heal himself up. Hamae figures out that she can turn the mist off, and does. As she works on that task the group also discovers more groups of people who are trapped and have been trapped. In the rooms is also a couple of screens with another room on it. After a while Hamae figures out how to open the door leading into the sealed room with a group of rods of varying heights, the group then heads in to retrieve items, the players items are in the room, and Bashek, Telus, and Corbyk try to retrieve the items. They get halfway up when enemies enter the room. The group starts throwing items from the rods at their opponents. Hamae is called to action, Corbyk leaps onto one of the enemies running toward him and knocks the staff from his hand. The fight from that point goes slowly, Corbyk is put into a stun bubble, Telus is put into a bubble, Hamae is repeatedly punched in the face, Ripley rejoins the party after finding Borregal. Bashek is nearly killed but is able to recover in short order and get back into the fight. Corbyk comes out of his bubble, runs and attempts to smack the enemies, he misses, and then starts tussling for the staff, stunning and incapacitating his enemy. Everyone is missing their attacks. Telus comes out of his bubble, and most of the party gives chase. The party reaches the doorway and…

To Be Continued…

Thak joins the party, Hamae is blown apart.

The group awakes, chattering and trying to figure out where to head next. They come upon an interesting person, a scarred man, trimmed beard with hair in a ponytail. Black eye, black skin. He suggests we follow the river toward the Grey Castle and then the amber monolith. Thak and Frav (an NPC) join the group.

The group travels, talking about themselves, they hear a low rumbling noise that gets louder as they approach the top of a particular hill. A (at least 20 foot) worm monster bursts from the ground, biting down on Ripley, dealing massive damage. She counter attacks with a dagger, hitting it in the eye and dealing critical damage. Thak runs toward the battle, Corbyk looses an arrow, and Ripley is spat out. Hamae, in a valiant show of effort throws her explosive Cypher down the monsters gullet and blows both her and the creature, to smithereens. The group takes a few moments to recover and heal.

The group decides to head toward the forest in the distance. The group also comments on murdering Frav, taking his money, and splitting it. For some reason Thak and Frave stick around.

General Store Robbery. The "Evil Campaign" line may have been crossed.

The group picks up just outside a small town called Cubeholdt. The place is surrounded by transparent cylinders. The town is a scattered and built up using a variety of materials. As the group heads in Telus and Bashek stop to talk to some townsfolk while Ripley heads off to greet a great many of the towns citizens. Meanwhile, Corbyk and Hamae head in to town. corbyk to find an inn, and Hamae to find a general store, possibly to sell goods. Corbyk enters the Zealous Seskii, an inn themed after dragon-dogs and sits down to have a meal. Hamae walks in to the general store and presents a bomb for sale, forgetting to mention the sale part, the owner tries to hand her what money he has on him to get her to leave, fearing she’ll blow up his shop. Hamae takes the cash and leaves the un-activated bomb.

The shopkeep and his friend leave quickly and, as Bashek and Telus head in to town, stops the two, telling them a bit about the religious significance of the cube at the center of Cubetown, and also requesting that bashek dispose of the bomb in his shop. Bashek heads over, takes the un-activated explosive cypher, and leaves, presenting the shopkeep with it, and getting paid 10 shins.

Telus reaches the town square and the councilmen’s office, asking to talk to someone about the cube and how one of our party (just guess who.) might be touching the thing. On this the assistant to the council calls for Nick. At this moment Telus feels an odd power come over him, and the left half of his body shuts down. He falls to the ground with a huge clank. At this point a good number of people look outside, including Corbyk who, mid-meal, goes to the door to see what the trouble is, commenting “Oh, looks like some idiot fell outside.” and goes back to eating his meal.

Telus is dragged by some townspeople from the square and out toward the farmland the party came in from. Bashek, realizing he now has too many Cyphers to safely hold, activates and throws the bomb off into the distance, surprising the townspeople, causing them to leave Telus where he lay. At this point the party gathered back together, with Corbyk buying supplies from the general store.

The group heads out and a couple of days travel later they arrive in a tiny farming village with a single inn. They rent rooms for the night (2 shins each) and stay the night, Hamae getting incomparably drunk off some strong whiskey, and surprisingly becoming less of a tongue-tied mess. Corbyk steals the group map back from Hamae’s things, Bashek sits down with some farmers and discusses the goings on around the place, and Telus sits, depressed and sobbing into his drink over his experience in Cubeholdt. Hamae also has a discussion with a knight from Qi, a large city. The knight is searching for a man, an amber priest, who did something bad.

After the drinking and discussion the party retires for the evening and will be on their way to Fasten the next day.

Murder... senseless murder.

The group continues to explore the cave system, searching for anything in the area. Wemder is carrying Ripley around with her.

Searching the room, Wemder gets another room open. Bashek and Corbyk try to treat Ripley’s wounds, not much works. Wemder decides to head out, grabbing the camouflage screen and walking toward the exit. Corbyk hefts Ripley over his shoulder and heads after Wemder. Hamae follows the other two.

The door opens to a group of the visitants from the camp. Wemder tries to convince the visitants and they are having none of it. Wemder is attacked, Corbyk comes out and annihilates the attacker and one of the other attackers puts up a shield. Corbyk dodges attacks, leaving Wemder to defend herself. Hamae starts running for the other two. Wemder and Corbyk take down enough of the enemy camp to get everyone else to run off. Wemder begins searching and Ripley is lying on the ground with spikes surrounding her. The group begins searching the area. The group decides to head back toward Steek.

Mid-trip Ripley wakes up from her unconsciousness. The party makes it back to Steek and goes to talk to the aeon priest, requesting the letter of recommendation and turning in the piece he needed for his device and rewarding the rest of the party.

The group heads off for Bodrov. Ending the night at that point.

MPS – I thought that you all headed off towards the Grey Castle? And about 2 days travel you were just approaching a village?


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