Places you’ve been
Shadewalker Shanty is a small aldeia ( village ) that uses a large moving numenera as its structure and protection
Legrash is the small town in Tremble Pass
Steek is a small town on the west side of Tremble Pass
Cubeholdt is an aldeia that has large transparent synth cylinders on the outskirts and a 2 to 3 foot wide cube in the center of town that they worship
Fasten is a fairly normal aldeia with a single inn and simple people


Places you haven’t been, but have heard of
The Grey Castle is a place that the group was sent in order to deliver a cube to Lady Perrix
Charmonde is the second largest city in Navarene that straddles the Jerribost river
Uxphon is a large city built in and around a large collection of tubes
Cloudcrystal Skyfields
Qi is a very large city along the ocean coast

Places in General
The Steadfast
The Beyond


Numenera and You Laslo