Things you plan on doing

To Do:

Find Ripley
DONE Recover a device to help the Aeon priest in Steek stop a girl from transforming into something non-human
Deliver to Lady Perrix in the Grey Castle the metal box used for summoning the Shade Minister, found with an Angulan Knight

Visit Bodrov in Navarene, an old lady you met on the wandering walk had mechanical eyes installed years ago by an Aeon Priest there.
Recently learned the Aeon Priest that has done the installation is named Gaspir, the person they spoke to met him 15 years ago and he was old then.

Bashek – Investigate a Baron Tichronus in Uxphon, he supposedly has a stash of treasure and numenera in the bowels of his estate. Bashek wanted to get more info from the guy who told him about it but he died.

Long Term:
Ripley – Search out a husband to get her pregnant
Telus – Become the perfect android
Bashek – ??? Become rich?
Corbyk – Gather the pieces he needs to stop “the end of the world”
Hamae – Collect enough Shins to take the literal price off of her head


Things you plan on doing

Numenera and You Laslo